Tracey Riley – Mayo Ireland

The Ardoo 140 hoist is the best thing that came into our home

It’s absolutely brilliant and it has transformed our lives. My husband suffers from Motor Neuron Disease and we can use the hoist both inside and outside the home.

In the home we use it for transferring from the bed to wheelchair, easy chair and toileting.We have a Volkswagen Caddy  WAV and  Tony’s  Wheelchair can fit in the back but he doesn’t like travelling long distances in this position as he finds it uncomfortable and lonely.

With the Ardoo hoist I can transfer him safely and easily from his wheelchair into the front passenger seat of the Caddy and then fold the Ardoo hoist and place it alongside the wheelchair in the back on its side. We can now go on day trips when ever we choose and not worry about toileting stops. We have also taken the hoist to Merlin Park hospital for his regular checkups and the hospital staff were very impressed with how easy it is to use.

We obtained  funding for the Ardoo  from the Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association and the Health Service Executive for the sling. I would definitely recommend the Ardoo 140 hoist.

Tracey Riley