Mr. Jones – Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK

My wife is unable to transfer unaided from chair to bed etc and we had a Milford Lift fitted in our car which expanded our horizons by allowing visits to places, friends and restaurants. The next stage to widen our freedom of movement was to search for a transportable hoist that would open the door to staying in hotels and the like.  We required a hoist that was light in weight and collapsible, which could readily be loaded in the booth of a car and accepted by hoteliers for placement in their bedrooms. The Ardoo 140 hoist and sling met all requirements.

(A) It is light weight compared to others on the market

(B) It is designed to lift a person from under the arms and not overhead, which reduces the weight and size of the hoist, makes the transfer and the fitting of the sling easier.  It can also be used, if appropriate to putting the patient into a car, toilet facilities etc.

(C) The Hoist is designed to collapse to the minimum length and depth possible which gives excellent portability for moving in and out of a car, hotel, or other chosen destination.

(D)The hoist design also provides for collapse and re-assembly to be achieved without aid and with both ease and speed.

(E) It takes up the minimum possible area for storage and employment at home, and hotel bedrooms

Thank you for your ready help

Mr. Foot – Somerset, UK