A.Moriarty, Dublin, Ireland

This year our holiday was heading to the England for my sisters wedding and then staying in Center Parcs, and on our return going to my Dads mobile home in Wexford. Our middle child Jack has Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome, which effects in every way, and he has no mobility but we always want to include him in everything we do as a family. He is 12 now and going away is getting increasely difficult every year as he is getting bigger, and we were finding our backs were paying the price by the end of our holidays due to all the lifting we needed to do. Jack also has osteoporosis, so manually lifting him puts him at risk of breaking a bone. This was becoming a headache for us, as we have our home totally adapted for him but yet when we went away we were struggling. I had often wondered was there such a thing as a foldable hoist but when I looked into it, the ones I found were still quite big and heavy.

I saw an ad in Spokeout before the holidays for Ardoo 140, and it seemed to be exactly what we were looking for. I made a call and they were very helpful. Kieran popped out to see us and ran through how it worked. I was amazed how light and compact it was, and how easy it was to use. I also discovered it is manufacturer in Dublin. We were looking into purchasing the hoist but we really wanted to try it out on a trip, so we decide to rent it for the holidays to see how it worked for us. It was delivered to us the day before we left and it fit neatly into our car.

The first part of the holiday, I was on my own without my husband and eldest son as they were following over a couple of days later. I stayed in my sisters and I can honestly say I would not have managed without the hoist, especially getting him in and out of a low bed. The wedding was a great success and we could bring the hoist with us for the day and have it there when we need to transfer him. The day after the wedding we headed to Center Parcs were we had booked an adapted lodge. It was spacious, with electric bed, big wet room but having the hoist with us just made it perfect. We even used the it to transfer Jack into a wheelchair bike we rented while we were there.

We reluctantly left Center Parcs and got the ferry back into Rosslare, heading to my dad mobile home. He had changed the mobile home last year, for one with better access, hoping we would get down to use it more in the Summer. But I was still struggling with having to lift Jack all the time and worried every time I did incase he broke a leg or arm. So again the hoist was a benefit to all of us, its small size worked well in the mobile and even when transferring Jack his head didn’t touch the roof before he was clear of his chair or bed.

I can honestly say that without the Ardoo hoist our holiday would not have been possible. I would recommend the Ardoo hoist for renting or purchasing, and we still hope to purchase we ourselves.

A.Moriarty – Dublin, Ireland