Middlesbrough Powerchair Football Club – C.Bean & C.McNicol

The Ardoo hoist has been invaluable to Middlesbrough Powerchair Football Club.  As well as using the hoist at our weekly training sessions for players to transfer from their everyday chairs to our specialist sports powerchairs, we have also taken it to powerchair football league matches for our players to use at the sports venue and in hotels when we need to stay overnight.

As this hoist is so small, it uses very little space in our equipment cupboard and can be used in the smallest of spaces which is really useful in a sometimes small standard hotel room/bathroom.  Due to the high support needs of many powerchair football players, there are often many more wheelchair users than wheelchair accessible rooms so having a small hoist that will fit through a standard door is a real benefit to our club.  All of our players who have used it have said how easy it is to use and how light it is to move around.

The hoist is easy to fold and light enough that any of our volunteers can help load the van for transportation, it is also small enough to be transported in individual players’ cars.  The Ardoo has already accompanied us to national league matches in Nottingham and regional league matches all over the North East as well as to a powerchair football taster event in the Isle of Man.  This summer it will be top of our essential equipment list for ‘Boro on Tour.’

We are also delighted with the level of support we have received from Keiran at Ardoo, thank you so much.

millie with hoist


C. Bean & C. McNicol – Middlesbrough Powerchair Football Club