ardoo testimonial

Ardoo Caresafe Customer – James Hunter, London UK

I thought I ought to send you a note to say how well the portable hoist has supported us.

I am the full time carer for my 91 year old mother. She went into respite just before Christmas and when I came back she had lost the use of her legs.

We were issued with the large crane type hoist and yes it performed well. But it was difficult for me to use on my own and more importantly I could not take mother out of the house to go shopping or take her away for weekends.

After some research I came across the portable hoist and purchased it. It’s been a godsend. The hoist is very compact and very easy to manoeuvre. The grab handles on the sling make it easy to position mum above the seat or commode when lowering her.

The major benefit of the hoist is the ability to get mum in and out of my four door saloon car. Once you get the knack, find by trial and error the correct heights to get the patient to, before attempting to place them in the car, then it’s a piece of cake. A rotary cushion on the car seat and within five minute she’s from the house and in the car ready to go.

The hoist has proved reliable, of sturdy construction, never let us done and most importantly it has enabled mum to go places she could no longer have gone to without the use of a wheelchair access vehicle.

It is a good product and I wish you well in the future.

James Hunter London