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Standing Aid Sling Vest

Standing Aid Sling Vest

Standing Aid Sling Vest

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Ardoo Portable Hoists

The Ardoo Standing Aid Sling Vest is a padded sling developed for the Ardoo StandAid Combo. It provides lumbar support and is the best sling solution for hoisting and moving between different sitting positions.

Comfort while being transfered.

The Ardoo Standing Aid Sling Vest is quickly and easily placed around the user. The wide back-support distributes weight and pressure evenly, making the lift more comfortable for the user.

The sling has a variety of  loops to ensure all users are catered for.

Sizing Chart for Slings for the Ardoo 140 Mobility Hoist

Sizing Chart for Slings for the Ardoo 140 Mobility Hoist











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£ 170.00 Ex. VAT


Description of Strap loops

Four different applications are possible, since the strap loops have different colours.

Choose the shortest strap loop that reaches the hooks on the Ardoo 140 compact hoist.

Description of the waist belt

The waist belt provides support and feeling of security during the raising and lowering. Tighten as required to size of client. When it is connected, and as extra support in needed, it can be tightened by pulling the loose strap. Adjust as required.

Application of Standing Aid Sling Vest

Place behind the patient’s back with the label facing out. The vest is placed so that it does not cause pressure in the underarms. The arms are placed outside. This is easier if the patient leans forward or can be helped to lean forwards slightly. The mid-section of the vest should follow the patient’s spine.

Arm Support

For Patients who need arm support, for example, patients suffering from shoulder arthritis, there are arm support holders for both sides of the vest. Push hand into holder for transfer if required.

Ardoo Portable Hoists Slings. Please contact us for more details on this product Ardoo Potable Hoist Sling