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Rotary Swivel Car Transfer Cushion

Rotary Swivel Car Transfer Cushion

Rotary Swivel Car Transfer Cushion

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Ardoo Portable Hoists Accessories

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Provides increased seating comfort and is perfect for aiding mobility in and out of car seat or chair as it turns 360 degrees. Eases strain on back, hip or knees. For assistance in getting in and out of chairs or vehicles.

Product description

  • This soft padded rotary cushion is ideal for use with cars, chairs and beds
  • Allows a smooth and easy swivel transfer and prevents painful jarring and twisting
  • Can be left in place to provide added comfort for the user
  • Surface is cushioned for added comfort
  • Base has an anti-slip material for added safety
  • Easily rotates to minimise the risk of unnecessary twisting and turning
  • Diameter – 40 cm.
  • Colour – Blue
  • Material 100% Polyester.

Maximum user weight: 105Kg (16st)

How to Use

Before using the cushion, ensure that it is placed on a surface which enables safe and secure seating for the user.

Hazards and Cautions

Do not use if there is a risk of the cushion or user slipping from the seat.


Ardoo Portable Hoists Accessories. Please contact us for more details on this product Ardoo Portable Hoist Acdcessories


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