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Bed Risers – Elephant Legs (set of 4)

Bed Risers – Elephant Legs (set of 4)

Bed Risers – Elephant Legs (set of 4)

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Ardoo Portable Hoists Accessories

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Product Description

Cone shaped grey raisers with non slip pads. 14 cm top accepts large furniture legs. Central depression ensures furniture legs fit securely in the centre of the raiser. Raises beds or chairs by 90 mm or 140 mm depending on model to make lowering or raising easier. Slips easily under existing furniture legs. Secure fitting with non-slip inserts suits most furniture legs. The height of a chair or bed should be suitable for easy transfer to adding the height of the raisers a safe and economical solution can be achieved. Max user weight is 380 kg.

  • Cone shaped grey raisers with non-slip pads
  • 14-cm top accepts large furniture legs
  • Make lowering or raising easier
  • Maximum user weight is 380 kg

Box Contains

4 x Elephant Feet Raiser, 5.5-inch


Ardoo Portable Hoists Accessories. Please contact us for more details on this product Ardoo Portable Hoist Accessories


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