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Ardoo 140 Portable Hoist Travel Bag

Ardoo 140 Portable Hoist Travel Bag

Ardoo 140 Portable Hoist Travel Bag

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This soft travel bag is designed for the Ardoo Caresafe 140 folding hoist and gives ideal protect from damage and abuse on board aircraft, boats & trains. The hoist slides easily into the strong and durable travel bag and can be used to store it or during transportation.Hoist sold separately. 

  • Easy to use
  • Protects the hoist while out and about
  • It can be taken on holiday and stored in the hold of an Aeroplane, Ship, etc.


Shipping Costs
Shipping costs within Europe are €60.00 or £50.00 Sterling. This cost will be added during the billing process.

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£ 115.00 Ex. VAT


The Ardoo 140 Portable Hoist Bag is designed and manufactured from very durable fabric with superior stitching and velcro and a wipe clean surface. The heavy duty waterproof material protects the hoist when on the go. The hoist is sold separately.

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