One way of reducing theft of blue badges

Jonathan Myerson points out a simple local solution to the theft of parking permits for disabled people that could be applied nationally

The high value of blue badges is inevitable as they are not marked with a car registration, for very good reasons (Blue badge thefts rise by 45% in England, 30 November). This issue came to my notice, via harassed constituents, when I was a councillor in Lambeth (sometimes memorialised in the Society section of this newspaper) over a decade ago. One constituent’s blue badge was being repeatedly stolen from her car overnight – hasslesome enough, but then there were also the parking tickets assiduously issued the next morning.

We came up with a ludicrously simple solution that I now offer to the nation: Lambeth issued (I wonder if it still does?) its own disabled badges, valid only in Lambeth but printed with the car’s registration. This meant that when used overnight or on a local trip, the badge was rendered valueless to a thief.

Not a universal solution, but I imagine it would, if nationally applied by each council, cut theft – and the subsequent fraud – in half. If not more.
Jonathan Myerson