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A gaming app for wheelchair users

AUSTIN,TX – An Austin man is raising funds to develop a racing game for wheelchair users.

It’s called ‘RealChair Racing,’ and creator Brent Dixon told KVUE’s Jason Puckett that it’s a dream many years in the making.

“Video games were huge in my life growing up,” he said. “I felt I could unplug from the world of my disability and be my own character…People in wheelchairs are not really talked about much, especially in video games…and I thought it would be amazing to know there’s a video game I can play that relates to me.”

Dixon has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type 2. It’s similar to muscular dystrophy in that it cause muscles and muscle control to deteriorate over time.

Despite his disability, Dixon said he wants to give others like him something to enjoy. The game, when fully developed, will allow wheel chair users to have a custom character in the game. They can stylize the looks, type of wheelchair and what actions they will take.

Part of their goal is to have communities recommend and sponsor users for the app. Those who are selected, will have their characters put in the game, and a portion of the money earned will go towards their real life needs.

“Medical or adaptive equipment is huge for wheelchar users,” Dixon said. “We need help that sometimes insurance can’t cover and that’s what RealChair racing will do for them.”

Saturday, July 16, Dixon and his family will kick-off a crowd funding page to raise the funds needed to develop the app. He said the concept has been more than two years in the making and hopes that Saturday’s event will help get the word out about RealChair.