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Five breakthroughs in restoring mobility

Technological advances and surgical developments are offering new hope to those with reduced or no mobility Epidural stimulation This week, two paraplegic patients were able to take steps again after researchers implanted

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Hygeenie Toileting Sling

We dont just do hoists, Ardoo carry a wide range of slings. The Hygeenie Toileting sling was developed to support a person without pulling under the arms and offers plenty

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The Universal Sling

The Universal Sling is a popular design chosen to aid quick and easy transfers. Its full body split leg design offers high levels of support. Visit for more info.   #transfersling #sling #patientcare #hoistsling #patienthoist#universalsling #regularsling #patientsling

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Wheelchair user from Edinburgh climbs Snowdon

A man from Edinburgh has told BBC Radio 5 live that climbing Snowdon in a wheelchair gave him “that feeling back of getting to the top of the hill again” Rich Osborn’s

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Disabled passengers ‘treated unacceptably’ at four UK airports

Aviation watchdog points finger at Gatwick, Stansted, Birmingham and Manchester Disabled passengers are being treated unacceptably at four major UK airports, the aviation watchdog has said. The Civil Aviation Authority

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image of wheelchairs parked in car parking spots

The Back in 5 Accessible Parking Campaign

The people of Tipperary got a chance to view the world through the eyes of drivers with disabilities recently with the ‘Back in 5’ parking campaign aiming to draw attention

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Image of Kamran Mallick in a wheelchair

“I want to change the world for disabled people” Kamran Mallick:

The head of Disability Rights UK on how the organisation is campaigning to remove the kind of discrimination he faced. As a child, Kamran Mallick was subjected to racist taunts

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Image of ongoing contruction of Tottenham Hotspur's new White Hart Lane stadium in London

Premier League Clubs Should Work With Disabled Supporters

Jo McNicol Member of Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Trailblazers Football means the same to me as any other fan: it’s normal, everyday life. It’s just what everyone else does. I got into

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Image of a Microsoft’s Xbox adaptive controller and headphones

Microsoft to launch disability-friendly Xbox controller

The Xbox adaptive controller features two large buttons for hands, elbows or feet, as well as 19 ports to accommodate extra devices including mouth-operated ‘sip and puff’ quadsticks Microsoft is launching

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Image of child at play with toys and mobile phone

Guardian Public Service Awards 2018: Success in the face of cuts is not child’s play

As the welfare state turns 70, we celebrate those who make it work, despite eight years of government austerity There will be no shortage of events to mark the 70th

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