Ardoo Caresafe is a trade name of Polymorit Ltd.

Polymorit Dublin Office

Carlisle House, Sandyford, Dublin

Ardoo Caresafe an innovative company with offices in Ireland and the United Kingdom was acquired by Polymorit Ltd in 2021. We design, develop and manufacture specialist medical devices and disability aids. Our Ardoo Caresafe 140 hoist is the most compact, portable hoist available worldwide.

All hoists are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment and fully tested before leaving our factory which ensures every hoist is CE compliant and comes with a guarantee.

Polymorit Ltd is constantly looking to create new products within the medical caring industry and improve on existing disability equipment currently in the marketplace. Our goal is to ease the workload of the carer and enhance the comfort and quality of life for those been cared for.

Our manufacturing facility and showroom is based in West Sussex, UK with satellite offices in London and Dublin. We also have a network of distributors.

What’s in a name? – ‘We rise by lifting others’

When the Irish founders of Ardoo Caresafe wanted to choose a name for their new mobility hoist invention they turned to their native tongue. The Irish Gaelic word Ardú means ‘rise, raise, raising, lifting or uplift’. The adaption of the original word to make it unique and ensure easy pronunciation resulted in the selection of Ardoo, enshrining the colourful heritage of Ireland with its unique purpose. Frequently, delighted customers find that their search is over, on discovering this gem from the Emerald Isle.

The owners of Ardoo Caresafe found great pleasure in hearing about the difference that their unique device has made in the lives of those who would otherwise have experienced greater limitation. As the many unsolicited testimonials demonstrate, these customers found new freedoms opened up for them with the Ardoo Caresafe 140 Hoist and StandAid Combo.

In taking over the Ardoo Caresafe business, Polymorit is committed to continuing the tradition and ethos, embodied in the slogan ‘we rise by lifting others.’

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For our customer’s convenience, our products are available worldwide through distributors, healthcare providers and directly from our company